"The control never fails. It is just that the model error was larger than expected"


The Flight Dynamics and Control Laboratory (FDCL) was established in 1989 by Prof. Min-Jea Tahk (founder). Recently, Prof. Chang-Hun Lee joined FDCL in 2019. Since 1989, FDCL has been successfully fostering students, engineers, and professors in the field of flight dynamics and control, and playing key roles in national aerospace research and development programs.

FDCL is carrying out research on guidance, navigation, and control for various aerospace vehicles including missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, space launch vehicles, and space airplane, etc. Our main focus is on guidance and control of guided missiles, flight control systems of unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as big data analytics & machine learning in aerospace applications. Computational guidance and control and trajectory optimization techniques are also being investigated. 

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