Research Vision - Towards More Advanced Guidance and Control (All that G&C)

We tackle challenging real-world G&C problems for autonomous systems using advanced G&C techniques, with special focus on military applications.

Research Pillar #1 - Precision Guidance and Control (PG&C)

  • Our research is focused on the development of precision G&C techniques for missile defense, asteroid interception, anti-ship ballistic missiles, and anti-satellite missile, etc.

Research Pillar #2 - Intelligent Guidance and Control (IG&C)

  • We also put our efforts to apply emerging technologies (such as big data analytics and machine learning) to solving real-world G&C problems.

Research Pillar #3 - Computational Guidance and Control (CG&C)

  • Our research is also focused on building fundamental CG&C frameworks such as real-time optimization technique, optimization solvers, and validation method, etc.